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5 Signs it is Time to See a Psychosexual Therapist


How long has it been since you have had satisfying sex with your partner? For those lucky enough to experience great emotional and physical connection with their partner, the answer will likely be ‘just recently’. But for many people out there, there is a notable decline in the sexual connection with their partner, and there are problems that manifest themselves in various forms. 


If you fall into the latter category, you will want to consider sex therapy services. According to experts, this is a good way to overcome many of the issues that plague intimacy. If you are not quite sure whether such services are right for you, there are a few notable signs to look out for: 


1. You have suddenly lost your libido


There is a notable difference between ‘not feeling in the mood for sex’ and sudden loss of libido. In the former case, you may feel tired or distracted and not feel like doing bedroom action for a night or two. In the latter case, the problem comes with a complete disinterest in sex. If you notice a sudden change in your desires about sex, and the change lasts long, it may be a problem you need to look into.


2. All you can think about is sex


In contrast with the first problem, if you find yourself thinking about sex a lot, this too may be a cause of concern. Sex is good, so why wouldn’t you dream and fantasise about it? As it turns out, if your sexual desire has suddenly spiked, it may cause you to concentrate too much on it, to the point where it gets in the way of some daily activities. Sex may become not an enjoyable act, but a preoccupation, which requires help to overcome. 


3. Reaching orgasm has become a problem


Reaching orgasm indeed requires a different approach for everyone; for some, it comes easy, for others, it takes longer and is much more difficult. It is okay to be in either camp, but there might be a problem if you have changed sides all of a sudden. If you find yourself unable to reach an orgasm, even though you try to make your sex life exciting, there might be a new mental problem that a psychosexual therapist can help with. There is another kind of problem in regards to orgasm, in the form of feeling pressured about it. If you feel like reaching/making your partner reach orgasm is a requirement, otherwise, you have failed, there is a certain pressure, which could create problems in your love life. 


4. Sexual trauma has manifested itself


Sexual trauma can negatively affect your love life. And the effect doesn’t even always occur instantly, but years later. The affected may experience a wide range of problems, from avoiding sex and feeling great stress about it, to more severe cases of avoiding connection altogether. One of the best ways to combat this is to speak to a therapist. 


5. You are at an impasse with your partner


Sometimes you can trace the issues to your relationship, not yourself alone. Any imbalances there will affect your sex life negatively. One of the most common reasons for this is varying levels of libido between both partners. A sex therapist who focuses on work with couples may be the best option to resolve such issues and restore balance in the relationship, essentially solving the sexual difficulties the couple encounters. 


If you feel like some of these signs are true for you, then seeing a sex therapist presents a great way to solve the present problems and give your sex life a much-needed boost. 


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