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What are the Signs it is time to See a Psychosexual Therapist?



There is no denying the fact that couples deal with their sexual compatibility differently. Some people like to seek help immediately when they hit a bump on the road, whereas others are reluctant to do so and live with the problem for a long time. 


Regardless of what group you fall into, you need to realise that sexual problems aren’t that uncommon, even in committed relationships of long periods. If the issues remain unresolved for a long time, this may cause a lack of connection, feelings of loneliness, and in many cases, even separate the partners. The result can be devastating for both men and women. 


Regardless of what stage you are on with your partner currently, if you ever experience any issues, you will do well to seek expert help. Here are the signs that will help you identify the  need for psychosexual therapy


1. You want to make a change, but are getting nowhere


If you have a sexual problem and you are trying everything to solve it on your own, then you know you may need expert help. Sometimes people don’t want to talk about such matters with their partners, or said people aren’t on the same page as them. You may end up in a situation where you constantly have the same discussions and arguments, potentially harming your relationship. Instead, you should turn to a sex therapist. They will not only help you understand the nature of the problem better but also present a solution to it.  


2. Some sexual issue is so close to you that it is practically your life


Usually, couples figure what works for them and adopt certain patterns when it comes to sex. They make it so that they get the most of the sex, but that pattern only lasts for a short while. Without some open communication and variation, it will lose effectiveness. The main problem then comes from changing that pattern, which can be so deeply ingrained, as to cause a lot of trouble. The job of the sex therapist then is to identify the pattern and present different options, which the couple may be blind to. 


3. You want change, but don’t know where to start


When it comes to sexual issues, it is only natural for people to research possible options and solutions online. The only problem is that the advice you read online can often be too vague, or simply not cover your case. Thanks to the guidance of a sex therapist, you will get a tailor-made solution, complete with potential exercises for you to follow. That way, you are treating the problem directly. 

4. You know there is a problem, but don’t know what it is


The cause of sexual problems is often difficult to pinpoint, simply because the factors that contribute to them are so numerous. There are gender differences, cultural shame, relationship problems, physical and mental issues that even you may be unaware of. Because sex therapists often possess multidisciplinary perspective, they can accurately identify the issue and work with you to overcome it. 


5. You feel uncomfortable doing or fantasising about erotic things


It is no secret people have various feelings and thoughts at some point in their life. This is only normal, but if you are feeling uncomfortable about it, you can see a sex therapist. They are non-judgemental and will lend a new perspective to your beliefs and fantasies, allowing you to address them easily when going forward


Now that you know what the most common signs for trouble are, you can better determine when to seek help in the form of psychosexual therapy. 


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